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Allé Collagen Shot 15 Sachets

FDA No.: 10-1-20260-5-0038

Skin Supplement, Allé Collagen Shot by Allena Healthy. Collagen & Vitamins in the form of shot drink, refreshing mixed berry flavour. This 1 pink sachet is full of skin benefits, including strawberry extract, Acai berry extract, Acelora Cherry extract, and pomegranate extract. Those mentioned ingredients will help brighten your skin and protect your skin from UV and strengthen your skin. Most importantly, the key ingredient is Collagen Tripeptide that has imported from Korea. This Collagen keeps your skin moist, you may not need your moisturizer anymore. Last but not least, Allé Collagen Shot contains Apple Cider Vinegar and has no sugar, so you do not need to worry if this will have an effect on your weight.

Direction: 1 Sachet per day

*Remark: The results depend on each individual.

490 THB 590 THB

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