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Znapshot Orange Flavored drink shot (7 Sachets)

FDA no. 11-1-13958-5-0450

Znapshot; Dietary Supplement Orange Flavour. Multivitamins that help with sleeping. Znapshot contains all-natural ingredients, from Gaba, Glycine, Reishi Mushroom Extract, and Premixed Vitamin B. All of these ingredients help better your sleep; to fall asleep easily and have a deep sleep. As a result, your body and mind get a well rest. Also, you will wake up the next morning nice and fresh. Last but not least, Multivitamins packed in the sachets will help improve your skin. Znapshot is very easy to consume, just tear the top part and drink it 15 minutes before bed!

Direction: 1 Sachet per Day

*Remark: The results depend on each individual.

590 THB 990 THB

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