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Gluta Frosta (10 Capsules)

FDA no. 11-1-06353-1-0123

Gluta Frosta; Glutathione supplement for your skin. Gluta Frosta contains a 3X triple Gluta booster which is important for your body to naturally build glutathione. Glutathione has a great effect on your skin, it helps brighten your skin and give that ‘gorgeous skin radiant’. Moreover, Gluta Frosta contains other ingredients that benefit your skin more than 10 ingredients. Most of Gluta Frosta’s substances are antioxidants. As a result, it will help detox your skin, reduce red spots from acne, and even out your skin tone, making your skin ‘radiant’

Direction: 1-2 Capsules after meals

*Remark: The results depend on each individual.

250 THB 350 THB

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