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Review: Gluta Frosta Plus

For anyone who is looking for supplements to better your skin, especially when it comes to skin brightening. I believed that many people may have heard of the brand ‘Gluta Frosta’ because this brand has been in the market for almost 10 years. The brand is well-known for its efficient results and the safety of ingredients.


First of all, when thinking about ‘Gluta’ many people probably have a negative thought about it; that it is dangerous. However, little did you know that Glutathione is one of the best antioxidants. The fact that our body can produce Glutathione naturally, therefore, it is not a foreign substance to our body at all. Nonetheless, when we age, the level of Glutathione produced in our body is decreased. The consequence is skin aging. Taking additional supplements as Glutathione will help with this problem.


After I have read many research and reviews of ‘Gluta Frosta’, I decided to try ‘Gluta Frosta Plus’. Gluta Frosta Plus comes in Capsule, 1 box contains 30 capsules. It is said that Gluta Frosta Plus is packed with premium ingredients; 1,140 mg per capsule. Only 1 capsule per day is enough. I have it before bed along with vitamin C, then drink lots of water afterward. Fast forward to 1 week since I have been taking the supplement, I can see that my skin is clearer, and smoother. When I go out in the sun, my skin looks so nice.


Moreover, this product contains Zinc which helps with acne. I can feel that after I have been taking it for almost 1 box, not only that I can see the improvement in my skin tone but also, I have less acne than I used to. My skin seems to be glowing and it is easier to put on makeup. When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks so fresh. Overall, it makes my skin looks fresh, brighter (not overly bright) much clearer, and smoother skin. Last, but not least, If you want to see improvement when it comes to skin tone, I recommend you take the supplement along with skincare products before bed and always apply sunscreen every day.


Premium Ingredients that are carefully selected by Gluta Frosta are:

🌸 Triple Gluta Booster, a great antioxidant, helps brighten your skin

☁️ ️Zinc helps reduce acne and oil control

🪵 Pine Bark Extract helps improve your skin and reduce blemishes.

🍒 Cherry Extract contains lots of vitamin C, helps increase your immune system

🍅Tomato Extract makes your skin strong, brightens your skin, and protects your skin from UV rays


If you are interested in the product you can contact the seller at:

Line OA: @Frosta

Facebook: Gluta Frosta เพจหลักบริษัท

Instagram: @glutafrosta.official

Tiktok: @glutafrosta.official

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*Remark: The results depend on each individual.