About us

Allena Healthy Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 aiming to distribute dietary supplements and cosmetics products.

‘Gluta Frosta’ is the first product that has been created under Allena Healthy company with the concept of ‘Beyond the Supplement is Premium Quality’.

As a result, for almost 10 years, Allena Healthy has built a good reputation among customers, especially when it comes to the ‘Premium’ quality of our products and its efficient results. Definitely, we will keep up to our standard. Also, we will always improve and develop our new products; researching is the key.


“To be the leader in Health and Beauty Supplements Market and to become the Customer’s First Choice


  • We will continuously conduct research and develop our products in order to match our customers’ demands by using the best manufacturing innovation and selecting the best ingredients for our products.




  • Emphasize product research and strive for the best new technologies to adjust to our process of manufacturing.
  • Always prioritizes our customers.
  • Seek any opportunities and new sales channels to expand our business.
  • Treat our employees just like we are ‘Allena Healthy Family’.




About CEO

The Founder of Allena Healthy is a woman who loves to take care of herself, especially when it comes to health and beauty. Her passion for health and beauty made her realize many problems that women have struggled with. She came to the conclusion that ‘skin’ is the problem that most people are worried about. Therefore, she has invested in seeking the best premium product for her skin. As a result, she has developed the first product ‘Gluta Frosta’, the first product ever under the Allena Healthy company.


Since then, Allena Healthy has always developed many different products, until the company has been accepted and trusted by many customers for almost 10 years. Nonetheless, this year the founder appointed a new CEO on board to carry out her company. Not only the new CEO just continues the founder’s intention, but also grows and adjusts the company to match the needs of the new generation.